Having Passed a Considerable A...

Having passed a considerable amount of time upon this old orb, I have come to the realization that worry is the single most inefffective activity we waste time on. And it is nothing but. It has never brought anything to fruition, Never solved a problem and is destructive in and of itself. I avoid it like the plague. Admittedly not always with success, But I try my best, to simply otherwise occupy myself or find a positive way to deal with the problem. Bad cess that...
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It's never wasted at all. I am not so old I can't recall "old" folks critising me for not knowing what it took them a lifetime to get a handle on.<br />
Ya are a pretty articulate and bright young man. We absorbit all in our youth and it just takes time to soak in. LOL<br />
Or ya can go the other route and become an accended being with a translucent cloak. LoL But memorizing all those spells is hard..... ;-)<br />
Have a good one.<br />
Planning is good too! Chortle...

wise words...wasted on someone like me I'm afraid :P I just can't help myself, but perhaps u r right. I respect someone with as much time on this "old orb" as yourself, so I'll give it a shot.

Worry.....pfft.<br />
I try and plan ahead and then have less to fret about.<br />

Great outlook and many truths

LOVE the attitude baby