I Am Always Worried About Some...

I am always worried about SOMETHING! Though it get better as the years pass. I guess I have just had to much junk happen in my past to ever feel completely comfortable with this or that. But like i siad it is getting better.
dreamin2183 dreamin2183
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1 Response Jul 13, 2007

I used to be that way and i think i still am. sometimes i worry about silly things that i don't need to. I used to take hawthorne berries to help with my anxiety. It really works. and there are no side affects. You get them in a health food store. they are herbs. I took them for about one year and i feel great. Plus there are other things you could do to help yourself. Place three fingers on the wrist, and on the third finger press down on the spot to relieve stress. This really works also. It's better than taking any meds.