Worry, What Worry.

Bills, will I have enough money to pay them all and still get groceries?

Kids, will I be able to raise them right? Will they grow up to be good, happy adults?

My husband, is his cholesterol to high? Is he gonna die to young because he doesnt take care of himself?

My mother, will she ever give me unconditional love?

Did I make some one mad by saying something wrong?

Are my friends really my friends?

Everything worries me. It always has and it always will. I am the epitimy of a worry wart. So much for a stress free life.

silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
4 Responses Aug 1, 2007

Hey there's an idea, start singing! I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doing that. Thanks for reminding me :) I remember singing in church as a teenager, it brings such good memories. Music does heal the soul, specially Christian music.

It is very hard to change. I have never been able to stop worrying. When it gets to bad, I actually make myself sick to my stomach worrying. Usually, if I sing "Amazing Grace" I start to feel better. I know that the Lord will help me through.

I identify with you completely. I worry about everything and anything under the sun. I worry about worrying LOL. I love that serenity prayer and everytime I read it I get teary eyed. But then I can't get myself to still worry! <br />
I guess once you're the way you are, it's hard to change.

This helps me ..... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change.. Courage to change the things I can... and the wisdom to know the difference..