The Deadbeat Ex-employer

I received a call from a debt collector today - it was for an unpaid account that belonged to a company I worked for 1.5 years ago. Somehow, this account includes my SSN - so they're definitely seeking payment from me. I set up the account for the company, but I certainly didn't provide my SSN for it. I put in a notice and left the company the same month as this account was opened.

This isn't the 1st time I've gone through this with them - Right after I left the company I tried to collect on a debt they had in my name, which I had paid. It took a few months, but they eventually paid me back. A few months later I receive a subpoena to attend court as I am being sued for this company's unpaid advertising costs (again, I set up the account - in the company's name and TID#). Half a year later the court finally tells me they will take my name off the laswuit TEMPORARILY - the company had 6 months to pay the bill or the suit against me will continue. Now, a year and half after I left the company I am being pursued for yet another unpaid bill for this company.

I suppose my only recourse at this point is to file a small claim to recoup this debt. Agh...when will I be done with this company??!! What next!?

sj5783 sj5783
Mar 11, 2009