I Am Worried About My Dog...

With the death of my FIL's dog Peanut due to Parvo I am extremelly worried about my dog Leia. I watched Peanut die (was dog sitting)and that was all I could have done....by the time we knew WHAT was probably happening to her it was to late, there was no saving her even at the emergency vets. After that hell filled day my body was/is so sore from worry that I have had to take muscle relaxers to keep my body from being so tense! The thing is, my dog had only one set of shots....meaning that it is a slim chance that it was enough to keep her from getting parvo...she is also young and has a breed in her that is on the list for most likely to get it...great, so now I am even more worried!!!!!!!

 We took her in Monday to get her stools checked and because of some things she was doing that were signs of her getting sick.... those came out fine so she got her second set of shots and put on some meds....still she is not cleared of Parvo for at least 2 more weeks. She was after all exposed to it for almost a full week! This of course not known until after....Unfortunatly all we can do is watch her and get her into the vets asap after she starts vomiting, then being that we would get her in there early we would probably be able to save her life....however that doesn't stop me from being worried about her...about the cost of that and so on......and to think this could have all been prevented. We may have even been able to save Peanut! But my new FIL failed to inform either me or my husband that his peanut had been exposed and may get it! Even if he thought that she was in the clear he needed to at least mention it..inform himself on what to look for and how long he needed to wait to be in the clear! The simple fact here is that he KNEW she was exposed !!! Now a dog is dead, Mine is in danger and another maybe as well but at least she is less likely then my pup.

We Brought peanut to our HOUSE....that virus is in OUR HOUSE! We have done what we could to clean it the way the vets said....but now we can only hope that Leia somehow managed to not get it.

I haven't spoken to  my FIL since all this happened...I am sort of pissed off at him for not saying anything about it. To think that just a few words could have saved his dog and my dog from ever being at risk just burns me up. Even if Peanut never showed signs she could have still had it but been one of those dogs who carry it but fight it without ever having an issue....but she could have still passed it on...and again it would have only taken a few words to save us from having to clean, from having to of worried about Leia!!!!!!! URGH!!!! I can understand mistakes being made, but when it comes to something so serious as this it is hard to just say "it's ok"

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So sorry about hte parvo virus being in your house ,,,,<br />
I too am a worrier I spend much of my time worrying over things that never happen ..<br />
I hope thats what you are doing so your dog does not get sick ,,<br />
I have 2 puppys living with me my conpanions <br />
Try not to worry ,dont want to make yourself sick I know know for a fact u can worry yourself Sick <br />
Take care of you !

Yes, Parvo is a really nasty virus, and treatment at the vet's can be very expensive. We know of one animal hospital that will cost you about $6,000 for one dog!<br />
<br />
However, there are alternatives to expensive vet treatment, and these alternatives can be used as prevention measures, which is something vets can't offer.<br />
<br />
True, you should always get your dogs vaccinated, as you are doing, but most of these vaccines still don't offer a 100% guarantee that your don't won't get Parvo.<br />
<br />
Products such as Parvaid and Vibactra Plus can be given to dogs that have been exposed to Parvo but which are not yet showing symptoms. In such situations, these products have close to a 100% success rate (i.e. it's as though the dogs were never infected with Parvo in the first place).<br />
<br />
You can find out loads more about Parvo and treatment options in a free book my wife and I put together, called Parvo Treatment 101. You can download it from http://www.ParvoBook.com/<br />
<br />
I hope all goes well with Leia and that she stays healthy.<br />
<br />
Best wishes,<br />
<br />
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