Maybe Just A Little Bit

My boyfriend, Sean, is very erratic and isnt really focused on his main priorities. Yes, it does worry me all the time because im the one whos ALWAYS looking out for him and trying my best to keep him on track and he never does.

A few examples: Sean got sick a couple weeks ago and because of being sick he missed out on school and he didnt call his teacher or go over to the school to turn in his homework (hes in college). His school is literally a block away from his apartment. Anyway he finally went to class on Tuesday of this week and the teacher kicked him out of class and told him that he missed too many days. I didnt mind too much cause it was one less thing to worry about.

Then this week we were suppose to see each other and he bailed on me to go help a friend, who lives like 50 miles away, get to a couple AA meeting. As nice as that is of him to do I of course found it very rude and ****** up.

I just got some great news. Sean was suppose to go back to the East Bay today to help his friend BUT he decided to stay home instead and work around his apartment and go to art class all because of his budget. Im so proud of him!!! And then he told me that hes only go to see his friend on her birthday for like 5 hours and is then coming home, made me even more happy. Course hes not too happy with this friend right now so im sure he doesnt really want to be around her anyway...unless something happened that he hasnt told me about yet.

I love you Sean and I hope the next 4 days goes as well as you made them sound. If Ted REALLY needs you to go to the Easy Bay for a night im all for it but I do understand your reasoning and i am so happy ive drilled it into your head  Im such a proud mommy lol.

YoucancallmeJuliet YoucancallmeJuliet
26-30, F
Feb 25, 2010