I worship the Goddess Hecate. She came to me a year ago, and I sort of swayed away but she returned to me. Hecate is the most amazing goddess. She is the Goddess of All, she is the Goddess of Witches, she is the Goddess of the Crossroads. Her symbols are the key, the torch, dogs, and many others. She is the Queen of Heaven and Hell. She rules the Underworld. She is the queen of magick and witchcraft. She answers prayers, she is the goddess of protection. She is a goddess of childbirth. I am so glad that my goddess has returned to me. Blessed Be!
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I look at Her as a good Goddess for the troubled. In Her role as Hecate Phosphoros, she leads Persephone out of Hades...and as someone with mental, erm, issues, I get to pay visits to Hades, or at least feel like Hades on a regular basis.