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When I was younger, I was forced (well not technically but all other religions were shunned) by my grandmother to be Christian, so I tried to please her and I tried multiple times to pray to Jesus but, I never felt anything. I was young so I never knew a good feeling while praying was (good feeling as in connecting and really believing in Jesus). I soon gave up and became atheist for a while like my dad. Then, I know it sounds cheesy, but I read Percy Jackson and lots of greek mythology after and something shifted within me. I have always loved owls and am very good at strategizing so, I looked up prayers to Athena. I prayed and inside I felt so happy and warm and like something or someone touched my heart and was protecting it. It was an amazing feeling I started to cry and say thank you and prayed to all the gods. I then felt a connection with the Egyptian gods as well, but not as much as the Olympians. I am currently looking for an ankh to wear around my neck but, I was just wondering is there like a symbol to wear to symbolize all the greek gods and show that I believe (like a symbol as in the cross for Christianity etc...). I think I am going to get symbols of all the greek gods in like charms and wear that. I also haven't told anyone in my family, how do you think I can. I'm scared to admit it to my dad cause he is atheist. I believe so much in the gods and love them all so much, I want to keep practicing but I also haven't had any dreams about any goddess. I'm starting to feel as if they don't approve of me. Please help!
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I too have had a connection with Greek mythology since I was a child about 6 years old really. My whole family though, is Catholic and I would be shunned if I were to tell any of my family members and I have occasionally prayed to some Greek gods and it just does make a change more than I ever thought it would. Maybe we could talk more on the topic?

16 here :) I have loved greek gods since I was little. I believe in EVERY god as ''his own person'' and hat they are all individuals. I have a pretty strong conection with Ares :) I love them all like they are my second family <3


OH MY GODS I totally know what you're going through! All my life I've had Jesus shoved down my throat and recently I've started looking 2 Greek gods for help and I feel a connec tion! But my parents are both christians and I'm only 13 so what do i do?

:O Im 14! Yea my parents aren\'t really religious but I\'m not sure about their reactions (especially my grandma -.-) But honestly, the gods are real and they are there for you! Just wait it out and drop small hints and if they have a problem just say you are old enough to believe in what you want to. Just pray in your room! I have found some good sites! Yea every time I pray to any of the Olympians I get this feeling in my heart like I feel comforted and I know they are watching over me. It annoys me on the Internet when things pop up in the search thing like \"Greek myths\" like THEY ARNT MYTHS lol! I hope I helped and I think we can be seriously friends :) may the gods be with you!

Thanks! It\'s so encouraging to know there are people out there who understand what I\'m going through.

Also are there any good sites for good prayers?

It's really hard to try and tell the family things like this and try to make a burnt offering to the gods