Human Perception Of Divinity

As a child attending sunday school, I questioned stories about God and his son. My teacher never had answers. The best she could come up with is "it's god's will, because that's the truth, just have faith." This wasn't enough for me. The last time I went to church, I had a horrible vision that left me in tears. I ran out and waited for my grandmother to come outside when it was over. What did I see? I'm don't really wanna say, but I felt at the time that someone or something was warning me about the dangers of this place.

Years later I began researching religions and other cultures. Aside from childhood menories making more sense, I came to a conclusion:

We are all wrong, and we are all right. The truth is we will not know until we pass from this plane and on to the next. The truth is that all gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess, and they both form the glorious whole that is divinity. The truth is that our human minds are not equipt to understand the Divine, so we view it in a way that we can "wrap our heads around". To this effect, we concentrate on aspects of divine, therefore coming closer to understand the Great Whole. Also to this effect, we know that everything in this world and this life has a counter; day & night, love & hate, pain & pleasure, etc. Likewise if we are a product of our creator, so too must divinity carry this principal.

I pray to many gods, as I believe they are all different aspects of the divine. They all offer their own lessons and sacred wisdom, and there is no one true god because they are all the same entity.

God and Goddess Bless.
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wow i'm sorry you went through horrible experiences, you must gone to some corrupt church, i used to ask questions and i got plenty of answers with logic and the proof bible sc<x>riptures. some churches don't want to confuse children and will sugar coat things or not even have knowledge of what they're preaching about. I went through a phase where i dabbled with other practices, i've studied islam and I've practiced santaria. but something just keeps pulling me back into Christianity, i guess because i keep faith and I also like mysteries and asking questions and i like the gift of prophecy God gave me, through dreams and visions, i get revealed things, through simple prayer or even when i'm not praying, i used to be scared and thought it was a bad thing and would pray the visions and dreams would go away because they became more stronger and intense after i had got saved and baptised, i didnt know prophets were at the time i would wonder why everytime i started getting close to God i'd start getting vision after vision and having intense dreams of warnings and good things to come, when i got into santaria those things went away i didn't have them anymore i was using tarot cards and my natural gift was almost diminished.

So far, you are the only christian on my friends list, but we know why. *smiles* It's because you know what I know, that there is wisdom in all paths and you're not constantly telling me I'm wrong. I think it's great that you have the gift of prophecy. I do as well. I think it's sort of a trick of the mind. You feel you are closer to the divine and your visions are stronger. As they have weakened for you, they would probably do the same for me if I started going to church because I would feel further away from the divine. I think you are a good friend.