A Visit From God

When I was young, around 17, I had a very intense and profound dream. I was running, or actually frolicking, through the woods with 3 other girls. The sun was shinig very brightly. The woods were peaceful and ful of energy and love. We came to a clearing, it lovely and full of golden/wheat colored grass. At the edge of the clearing next to the tree line was a small brick wall. Just there, not attatched to anything, about 7 feet tall and twice that in length. The 3 girls skipped toward and behind the wall. I followed but when I looked around the wall there was no one there.

I turned around and behind me was God. He didn't say he was God, I just knew he was. He looked almost like a minotaur, but after research on the mythic creature concluded that he was not infact a minotaur. He had the head of a bull, and it seemed his body was that of a man but was covered in thick, very short black hair, all accept his genitals/pubic area. His eyes were silver. They were like quick silver, shifting and glimering with the sunlight. He was calm, soft spoken, and a very easing entity. He spoke to me, but not with his physical appearance, meaning he never moved his mouth. He said, "What are you seeking my child?" I was too shocked to answer. He said, "What you seek is right infront of you." Then the wall disappeared. I starred deep into his eyes as I sank to my knees. He told me that there was no need..."I know your worth daughter." He gave a smile and motioned me to continue. I stood up and turned around to see the wall. I skipped away and behind the wall in a peaceful prance to find the 3 girls standing behind it. We continued on our frolick through the woods.

The words he spoke to me doesn't tell at all what I felt from him! He loved me, inconditionally. He was both comforting and nonjudgemental. He gave a massive energy off that overcame my entire being with love and enlightenmt. I awoke with these feelings. I awoke in tears. I cried for an hour, speaking and praying to him. I will never forget this dream.

I have communicated with the divine before and after this experience. I get the same feeling that I did in this dream, but for some reason it was so much more concentrated and intense. My God is amazing!
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That is quite awesome. The image is powerful, I am wondering what is behind that representation of the Bull man with silver eyes.Truly wonder full.

Thanks so much for commenting. Deffinately one of my favorite dreams.