Churchianity- a Counterfeit 'christianity'!

Jesus stated several times that he HAD a God, whom he usually referred to as "Father", since he was His "Only-Begotten"- the only one receiving life directly FROM Him. Later, Jesus' God and Father used him to make all things.

Yet the Churches, clinging to the Catholic-Inspired Trinity dogma, have warped the concept of God so badly, that LITTLE makes any sense- unless you chuck it off as a "Sacred Mystery"!

Further adding to the confusion is replacing His Name (Jehovah, in English) over 6,800 times with "LORD", so that it sounds like CHRIST is being referred to!

This is just the beginning- there is SO much more!

Any of my brothers & sisters here?

theMadJW theMadJW
51-55, M
Feb 25, 2009