Intro To Me

Well, I started being Wiccan when I was 14, but because of my families religion and my location I can't practise openly and I can't meet other wiccans. The only Wiccan thing I have managed to acquire and keep a secret is a small BOS (Book of Shadows).

I decided on Aradia as my patron Goddess because I feel we owe our entire Craft to her and I feel connected to her, we were both born under the full moon (the symbol of her mother Diana. But it took my till I was 15 to definitely decide on her.

I have a familiar, my dog Cosmic, and I love and protect her with all my heart. Well, that's an intro to me...
Thanks for reading! And Blessed Be.
TheRealClover TheRealClover
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You and I have that in common, then. She's one of the gods I more readily identify with. I started worshiping her when I was 13 and haven't looked back since. My family that I live with currently is very open and understanding, so I'm allowed to practice openly. My current familiar is my dog, Bear, and my spirit familiar is Yarrow, a white ferret.

:) aw your so lucky, my family think anything non-Christian or catholic is just weird or wrong so I am in the broom closet, my familiar is also my dog Cosmic, and I'm not to sure about my spirit familiar, but I've been thinking of researching that :)

yeah i tried being wiccan at that age!!! but the same it was difficult because of my family, but if you really feel that that's you path go for it don't stop you'll have chances to meet other wiccans and being open about it for sure!!!

Thanks, it helps to know that other have (and are going through) the same stuff! I've never felt as complete as when I practise Wicca, this is the path for me! Thank you and Blessed Be.