A Cat Among The Dogs

I made my dedication almost 16 years ago. (I celebrate 16 years in 10 days) Hecate has been there for me over the years in many a hardships, and even more joys. She is my inspiration. I have written several stories about her and who she is to me, and I could write a thousand more, but there are no words that would ever convey what I have felt and seen. I am glad to see others who know what I mean when I speak of her. She is the essence of Glory and Wisdom.

When I first spoke my vows to her, I feared that she may not accept a cat spirit, which I am. I feared rejection because I do not like dogs at all, and voice it frequently. She didn't reject me. She said that we all had something to learn from one another, and that I was her daughter before any form was taken. I accepted this answer and devoted myself to her service.

Still, dogs love me but I'm really not a dog person. Regardless, she treats me as her own, as do they. When she speaks to me, it's not always in words. When she shows herself, it is not always a human form. I have been visited by "phantom" dogs who speak to me through telepathy. I am later told by her that these are hounds delivering her message. When she is in human form, she is usually an older lady with "salt & pepper" hair, a black hooded cloak, and a staff. She has appeared to me in a younger form, but I think she doesn't that often because I acknowledge the fact that she is all aspects, past, present, and future.

She shares her sacred knowledge and insists upon my secrecy with some things. Other's she encourages me to share. She is a Goddess of such awsome power and presence! If she enters the room, you will know!
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 8, 2012