Journey Of Discovery

I am a mature guy from Australia.  In November 2009 I took a solo holiday to Paris France, and walked into a an unbelievable experience of magic and mystery, with repeated happenings of synchronicity, which extended my stay for 3 months.   I had no knowledge of Isis when I left Australia but I was soon to fully learn all about her.  And why and how she was replaced by the Catholic Church.  All of which was outside my willful control.

My story in full is too long to tell here, and to most people will be unbelievable.   So I will simply include 2 pictures from the many collected as they speak a thousand words. 

First picture a mural painted by Jean Creteau, Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, which is in the Notre Dame of France in Leics Square, London.

The two headed woman is symbolic of the dual incarnation of Isis,  as the Black Madonna and Mary Magdelaine.  This is evidenced by the dominating Black Sun of Isis..  The only appearance of the alleged Jesus is a pair of feet seen above a blue/red rose.

second picture , was discovered  when I turned to take a photo of the boat after a farewell trip down the Seine on my final night in Paris

  in English ...Paris is.  and in French ... 'because of'  Isis.

I submit. :  Only a woman has an organ with the sole and specific purpose of providing pleasure!    As the mother of the Earth and of all Mankind she is supposed to be in continual sexual ecstacy.    She is the doorway by which Man must approach his own Divinity. And learn to understand his own femininity.  Male societies like Catholic church, Moslems, etc., demonstrate their fear of women and in doing so hold the world in darkness.




Peajie Peajie
70+, M
Feb 16, 2010