I've been a witch for 10 years..... Moving about here and there. I found comfort in Hereditary in the Italian tradition and studied with Raven Grimasse

I came to a screeching halt and felt stuck for a year when I dreamt of a Celtic war of some kind. The dream is vague however I have never delved into my Irish/Scottish roots!

I went into an antique store and saw a beautiful print of Her.

She represents everything I am going through in life. I found what appeared to be a dead raven, minus the body! There were nothing but feathers. I have searched for raven feathers for YEARS!!! Boy those birds never leave a feather behind!!

I feel like a brand new witch again.

I am here to get to know Her and read your experiences with Her!
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

You are blessed. I would love to hear about your dreams. And i think you should def look into your roots!! Listen to the story that's unfolding it's self in front of you.