Finding The Goddess Morrigan

     I first met The Morrigan last month when I went to see a live performance of Riverdance in a near by city.  As I sat, amazed, watching the end of Act I, they invoked the Riverwoman in the form of song and dance.  She came, cloaked in shadow.  "Morgana..."  The name shot through my head.  It didn't sound right, but having spent all of my life speaking English, I suppose it's natural for the English form of a name to come to me first.

     The next morning, I decided to find the lady that whispered in my ear.  I looked for Celtic/Irish Goddesses first, because Riverdance hails from Ireland.  My  search topic, "Morgana Celtic Pantheon" hailed no immediate results, so I tried a different topic to search: "Goddess Morgana."  This lead my to Wikipedia's page on Morgan La' Fey, a witch from Arthurian legend.  Sensing my search had born no fruits so far, I skimmed through the information, hunting for a lead.  After a minute or two, I noticed it said that Morgan La' Fey was often associated with the Celtic Goddess The Morrigan.  Jackpot.

     Bringing up the page on this Goddess, I knew instantly that I had found my Lady.  The accuracy of my results sent shivers down my spine: not only was she a Triple Goddess, my Divinity of choice from the start, but she was also directly connected to the death of Cuchulain, a Celtic hero lamented in Riverdance!

     I have devoted myself to learning as much as I can about this amazing Goddess.  I wish to know of Her and Her ways.  I was never aware of Her before this, so I was not afraid of tails people might have told me about Her.  Knowing her now, I still do not fear Her.  I dearly love The Morrigan and plane to dedicate myself to Her this Samhain.


Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

Blessed be,


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Even though you posted this story a little over a year ago, I wanted to thank you for sharing your story :) I can relate to alot of what you have said. As the Morrigan was calling to me (in the forms of crows and a 'warm shadowy presence' during my darkest hours, the name Badb kept popping into my head. Naturally I did my research and discovered that Badb is also referred to as the 'battle crow', one of the three sides of the Morrigan. So yeah, I know what its like to have a name whispered/branded into the mind :)<br />
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Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!