If and There Is a Very Big If....

I would accept an indecent proposal if it came from the right man and I was in that frame of mind in the moment he asks.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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awesome. nachos time!

LOL will you rollerblade with me afterwards?<br />
<br />
Eggshells are great Winston

that's not indecent? you should see the swimming pool (it's not fully 'functional' for spring use yet, eewwww) ....well....could I throw in a pogo-stick then? Nah, that'd just make it dangerous (a nekkid woman with a pogo-stick, recipe for disaster!); you'd become "De fungirlmmm...on a stick!"


Dedre, sounds like fun but not indecent. try harder. lol<br />
<br />
Winstn, how much less<br />
<br />
Ar, yes i like nachos so we will share.

I dunno, something along the lines of getting my drying laundry from outside in the nude while I sit in a pool on a floatie with a mojito watching you, while on a trampoline....yea, something like that!

if i got down on one knee then propose that you get me nachos would you do it?

LMAO Winston OHHHHH My ! Now I get it.<br />
<br />
Dedre, What are you proposing?

well...would you accept a totally chaotic proposal from the indecent left man ? ;p

LMAO....Why won't you need them dear?

LOL little blue pills. . . Someone else mentioned this toi me earlier. Why Viagra?

Lol if you are really lucky and say your prayers every night. lol

Will you please let me know the next time that you get into that state of mind?

LOL! We think too much alike.

Funny I just had this conversation with M101 the other day...LOL

Oh yes it could. lol

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today .........

LMAO y'all

how much money ya got, mister? *wink*

Hmmmm......Just how much money are we talking here?

i don't think that would be enough money, lilt. lol

hmmm....I would have enough cash to replace our roof....

the man wouldn't have to offer money? i say hold out for the money lol. like in the movie.

Depends on how hot I am for that man.

Oh I have a VERY naughty side. Let's see an indecent proposal might be offering to take me to the point of ultimate bliss and then stopping. OMG nothing decent about that.<br />
<br />
Yes I can be wicked but I am not ashamed of the wicked side of me because she brings me so much pleasure.

i think everyone has a side like this i know i have.

Fungirl, I can be indecent sometimes;-) and if you want a proposal....hmmmm. Let me straighten this thing out before it breaks...BTW need to know ... what do you consider indecent? :-)

Elf looks over his shoulder as he dials the combination to his safe................ smiles

Nah nows not the time i can tell, i'll wait for my proposal. Need to get the pup too in fact. ;)

Love it FG. Give you something to nibble on.

LOL, Oh I see your hiney.. it's s nice and shiny! Oh and btw you must be staying on your diet bc it is looking mighty tiny! LOL I couldn't resist.

I would give you one Fungirl, but I am a decent man. Nothing indecent about me. But if the occasion would arise, keep your dogs kenneled please.