Book Soul

These are not just words
These are pieces of my soul
My truth, my belief, my opinion, my life are in these words.
When you hurt me, it becomes part of my story, and my story is held in my soul.

But my soul is not just my life,
My soul is a library, full of books and poems and words and songs.
My soul is my life, the lives I have touched, the lives that have touched me.
The words I have read, the words I have ignored, the words I have erased, and the words I have written.
The smiles and the pain of those dear to me and those not so dear.
The things I should have done, the things I want to do, the things I can never do.
The person I want to be.

When you read these words, you are reading parts of my soul.
I have given pieces of my being to the world, to be judged.
So remember that when you read these words.

These are pieces of my soul.
These are not just words.
HoldingOnToAir HoldingOnToAir
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Goood. Really good . It has the potencial to make a song out of it . I liked the backward type better. Keep going . U r good

Thank you, I really appreciate it.
And that's a good idea! I'll develop it more and see if I can find a melody

Also read it backwards