If you're down, broken or alone, i implore you....read. Though my words alone may not break through, i write in the hopes that my words may trigger a chain of happiness, whether combined with the words of others or not.

The pain now may seem unbearable, but the happiness that can be built from it will erase it. I myself battle depression....it is hard, but giving up is not the human way. We are made to endure, the fact that we're still here is proof. Cloudy days come and go, some take a bit, but theres always a blue sky just behind the clouds waiting to say hi. Every time these feelings come over you, just look down. You'll notice these two gifts you have....legs. Use them to trample over the challenges in life, to stand tall over your obstacles. We were given legs to stand, WALK ! Not to kneel and give in. If you're reading this, it means you haven't given up on yourself, and it means someone out there is routing for you! Someone cares, whether you know them or not.

This may not help, hell, you might think I'm stupid for doing it, but i've come to realize, that the little things in life, tend to have the biggest ripples. If my message can cause even a small ripple of light in your shadows, then there's a chance it can evolve into a tidal wave. Stay strong, even when you think its impossible, stay strong.
Chrispy793 Chrispy793
22-25, M
Sep 2, 2014