In a Second

i would give up my life in a second to save my family.without even thinking is what anyone would do for those they care about .

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i had some thing similar .some pepole would not if theydid not know them.i feel thats why these crocks,thugs rapist do get away with what they do.

In some people it is an automatic thing. I find here in the US that our society tends to protect it's women and children.<br />
When I lived in Miami, I was at the beach at a church picnic. Most everyone was out at the sand bar about 50 feet out. I looked back to the beach and saw this little girl drowning. No one that was walking there was doing anything. One of the guys at the picnic near me on the sand bar saw the same thing. We both dove into the water and took off. Maybe because I was in my 20's I could go faster, but I made it to her first and pulled her up. She was coughing and choking but okay. Her family was standing right there and acted as if nothing had happened. I never could understand it. Why didn't they do anything? <br />
Anyway, the guy and I went back out to the sand bar. It was really strange though.<br />
I did find out that I would do whatever I needed to do to save a life esp. a child. It's funny how those things happen.