New Guy At The Gym: What A ****!

went to the gym after work and saw a new guy working out. My bi-gaydar goes off. he's a little older than me maybe, grey hair but nice body. When I went in the locker room to check my phone, there he is: Stark naked with a HUGE soft **** hanging down! I take some extra time washing my hands and checking him out in the mirror. Then he puts on these hot black bikini briefs! I don't know how he got it in them! I noticed a wedding ring on his left hand. He made no attempt at modesty so I figure he intended to be stared at. I better head over there tomorrow same time and see what I can find out! Whatta ya think?
stretch77 stretch77
46-50, M
8 Responses May 21, 2012

It sounds like he was enjoying the attention. Keep looking for him, and let us know what happens. I think lots of married guys who might be interested use the gym to cruise. Its relatively safe, but you can show off.

A lot of us older guys in our fiftys are no longer getting our sexual needs met at home. And many of us have chosen this time in our lives to explore and fulfull our desires for m/m action.. We are not dead below the waste... unlike our wives.

Whatever the reason, I find myself more attracted by **** than **** at this point in my life. I get really excited by a beautiful penis and a handsome male body - females leave me fairly indifferent sexually although they may be nice to look at. For the last few years I only did my woman in the ***, like a boy, because I like the tight feeling and the contact, and jerked off to ****** that minimally undergrown penis they call a ****. I'd take any penis and any male orifice over ****.

i love walking a run naked too...especially if i had a hardon in the shower and it just went limp and still all puffed up.

And let's have more info on Silver Fox too! Liking the sound of him....

Oh I dunno. There's something about the promise, and the not quite knowing, that's more delicious. Plus, if you were to go there, it would skew the pt relationship. Has he ever shown the slightest interest? Working out and then showering with a solid hunk of bloke sounds pretty damn hot to me. And fantasy is often more powerful (and lasting) than disappointing reality...<br />
When you say big ****.... More! Llets have some details - so at least WE can fantasise!

What's to think about. You gotta work out anyway ; riiiiiight!?

My personal trainer always showers after we work out.... He's 6'4" 190# of pure muscle and big ****.... we've never gotten into it, but I"m gonna see if he wants to go in the sauna for a bit and let the towel slip off! ;-)

I love the guys at the gym who like to show off. even better when they stroke in the shower.