Others First

I spent so much of my life putting others first. In fact I put them so far ahead of myself that I would do anything for them despite my well being. I was letting people who I thought were friends walk all over me. Paying for things, giving them rides or a place to stay. I was in a relationship with a guy who just took everything I had to give. I did anything he wanted. I drove all over, spent all my money. After I was left with nothing, he kept pushing for more. I realized that I couldn't keep doing this to myself. I did it with everyone, not just him. At a very low time in my life I realized all the people I thought were my friends that I had helped were not even asking how I was or trying to help me. I cut off a lot of people at that time and now I stick to my guns. I only let people in if the relationship is mutual. But those people, my friends, I would still do anything for. I will still do anything I possibly can for them at any given moment, without question.
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yes i have been their myself. I am a nurse and a street pastor so i am giving CO-dependent a whole new meaning. Its better than being selfish. Im just out of balance<br />
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Good to hear you stood up for yourself. Its hard with friendships. Sometimes the "toxic" ones are the hardest to break off.