Med. School

If I won enough money on a lottery to be able to fiance the studies I would definitely give med. school a try right away! I'd like to be a doctor or surgeon, helping and saving people, not just life and death but also the things that with modern medicine (for the doctors/surgeons) becomes more or less trivial day-to-day operations, but which means a lot for the patient. Learning about the body's anatomy and physiology (from the organism level down to the cellular/chemical level) is also part of my desire to become a doctor, having taken a class in the basics has taught me that the human body (and all other forms of cellular life) is a truly marvelous creation.
First of all I'd have to pass the entry exam, but I'd like to believe that if I did win enough money it'd be part of God's plan for me so I'd probably be able to pass the exam with a little effort on my part (even with the road set, the actual walking is mine to do).
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Good for you for using the money on something that will benefit you instead of spending it on material things like other people(: