Lotto Winner 500,000,000 Million Dollars Or Euros Or Treasure Of Jewelry....

Wow if you win 500,000,000 million dollars/euros what will you do or if you find a treasure trunk full of jewelry worth millions of money?Then you have 365 days to live?What are you going to do then?What best option you will do with 365 days left to your life.
Well for me if i have those things and its terminal and i know somehow i will die after a year,what shall i do?First i will build schools,hospitals,home for homeless,so that people have shelters and people who are under previledge could learn and get better education,avail free hospital check up and medications,provide shelters to the homeless where they could freely sleep and have homes to make them confortable and feel happy.I will also provide works that this people could have job and received payment for their services rendered and make them effective as individual.
Then you know that the money that will be use into something that is very useful and alot of people will get benefits of your luck and help them to have a better place to live and earn money and not become homeless again.Then you know somehow the money would be beneficial to all and will not be wasted and instead use it for the purpose of giving,sharing and feel happy about it.And for those you help can also help in retuirn and keep what you show to them extending help to others because lif this days is just like easy to let go and for them to have a better life because of what you did to them.For sure they will also do the same to other people worthy to be a good citizen of the society and other money  will be invest to important porfolio so that the remaining money may also help your own family and they will know and understand how to reach out and help others and also dont waste the money incase you are no longer here and die,so they will help the needy,care for the sick,provide shelter to the homeless and many more that your family will find hapinness to share all the blessings that your family received from God.
Yes its nice to have this plan put into reality because no matter how great your wealth you cannot bring this with you when you die so to spent life more worthy and meaningful learn to share all this things to people who would benefits from your foundation and let them be worthy of your wealth,you can make something very important that will last forever....
tawam tawam
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Hummmmmmm! I would give back, like u said build schools, share with my family, my church. I would definitely put it to good use. Wow, that's a very overwhelming question. :)

it is and yes are you going to have this or stay as being what you are now?