If you ever broke up with me... I'd chop your balls into little pieces and feed them to your cats.   
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6 Responses Feb 19, 2011

I say do it.

my thoughts exactly i've said this all my life to guys. some of whom are ballless now muhahaha!

Yikes !!! Can it get any worse? Suppose so if you chop em off with a spoon !! <br />
<br />
Here Kitty kitty LMAO !!

I don't have any balls and I am hurting

I'd feel sorry for anyone who dares break your heart o_o

Oh I don't know De because the SGT would kill me but let's see. I would date his dad and take pictures of it... or even better I would date his son. LOL (for all those that think i am perving... he is an adult... the SGT started early so his son isn't much younger than him.)