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Femme Sissy Boy

i want to find a femme sissy boy who i can dress up and turn into my new g/f. would anyone out there enjoy that? i have clothes to dress you in, perfume to spray on you and makeup you can play with. we can spend hours playing dressup  & shopping for new feminine things to add to your new girlie wardrobe. from now on you will only wear panties and camisoles under your clothes and shave your legs nice & smooth. corset training is a must but in time you'll love it and crave the feeling of being laced tightly.....i think i'll write some more on this theme later, hope i've made a couple of you "tent" your panties hehee

tessa tessa 41-45, T 54 Responses Mar 26, 2009

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made a wet spot in mine

I think u could give a dead man a ***** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would rather do that to a live one.... ;-)

A lot of tenting here right now!
Have u read more story?
How I would love to come home to find a lady like you for an interesting evening playing dress up, lace up and make up.


I bet the line up is long lol :)

I am yours to train, dress, feminize and mold into your little demure, girly, feminine slave.

U seem like a dream girl, make me instantly hard xxx when can I start?

Count me in!!

I am all yours love the ideal

Hi Tessa,<br />
I would love to have you dress me up and help further my femininty.

Hey sexy girl.I love to be your sex slave.I am a rather submissive man who does not take <br />
any decisions independently.I am looking for powerful and dominating woman like you who would <br />
control me.I love cross dressing and love to look like a sissy young girl.i want to be very<br />
submissive as it makes me joyful.During cross dressing i would dress up as a girl you as a <br />
man i will act like a girl an you will **** me and you will be dominating me in every aspects.<br />
i will also be making girlie sounds .I will be doing anything you say .I will do your house<br />
works in free time will act as your wife and do everything a wife does.I will wash your clothes,<br />
clean the house etc.i will also drink your fluids and even your pee.I like wearing girlie unders <br />
beneath my dress when i go out also corsets are nice.I just love being submissive to a sexy woman

I would love to be your feminine ***** I am from Pennsylvania.

I would love to be your femme girlfriend. We could go for a makeover together and go shopping. I would love you to help me become completely female taking hormones, feminising my appearance and living as a woman 24/7. LOL

I would love to be your femme girlfriend. We could go for a makeover together and go shopping. I would love you to help me become completely female taking hormones, feminising my appearance and living as a woman 24/7. LOL

hey i always wanted to be a crossdresser i live in newyork how about coming down

I feel the same, I wish that Kelly and Jessica could have met in person and has lots of kinky fun together. But we can still talk on here if that's ok with you? I think it's fantastic that you're a tv, in my heart that's what i consider myself also. Can things work out with two tv's?<br />
<br />
hugs and kisses!<br />
<br />

You certainly did make my panties sticky, now I have to wear them that way for the rest of the day, but it's worth it. That would be so amazing to have another tv, woman, or shemale help make me the girl I long to be. But right now it's just not in the cards except for fantasizing and online.

Oh my Tessa...It seems to be getting warm in here...LOL!

wish you were closer i would love to have you do that, i'll even stay dressed as your girfriend

mmmm I would love too!!!

oh my, there is nothing sexier then a hot little sissy who blows her load in her frilly panties. she just couldn't help it. wearing feminine lingerie & perfume & stockings and high heels & swishing as she walks, its all too much for her and she just has to ***......mmmm be a good girl and lick it up

Giggle (spraying on some Tresor and touching up my lipstick)

Tessa yes my panties had a tent and now I just have a big wet sticky spot in them hehe,I have only found one woman who like a man dressed as a sissy but I found out latter she was looking for money and thought a sissy would be a esay mark, it was a fun few weeks though. I am older then most sissy on here but I really know that is who I am ,I would love to shop with you and be able to get things that look good on me and fix too'I would gladly wax all the hair off my body so that I would look and feel better for you your profile picture is hot and you have great legs well everything looks great

Oh I would love to have some pretty new panties

thats just what i figured out about you from the little conversations we've had you should def get a pair or three, be honest about your measurements and you will have the panties of your, tessa<br />
<br />
p.s. i love frilly panties too, and have purchased from her

Oh blush, I would feel like such a prissy sissy in panties so frilly and feminine! I would be all smooth and perfumed and powdered! I just ADORE being girly (giggle)

oh well my sissie one,,,,i have nice shiny satin panties that are so much more feminine & frilly than victorias secret,,,,, google: rosalind woods French knickers, frilly knickers, pretty panties, panties for men, crossdressers

A large would work well I know I need to get back to a medium at Victoria's Secret...

oh yesss my dear & what size panties do you want?

Mine too! Please make mine as frilly, girly, feminine and perfumed as possible

lol that was my intension dear. just thinking of a hard **** in a pair of frilly, feminine & perfumed satin panties makes my heart race with excitment ......