A Good Book Is A Good Day

I guess people have different definitions of what makes a good day.  Some people prefer a busy, productive day - getting chores done, visiting friends - on the go all day.  These people hate the thought of having nothing to do and wasting time.  Me, Im a time waster.  And thats the way I like it.  A good day for me is a day spent doing nothing, or next to nothing - pottering around on the net, talking away to a friend in a comfortable setting, endless cups of tea.  But most of all, the best of days are the ones where there is nothing to do but read.

I love books and Im a big reader - I soak up words like a sponge.  Im also a bit of a homebody and need time and space to myself.  So a day spent with a book is basically my perfect day :)

jellibeanz jellibeanz
26-30, F
3 Responses Apr 25, 2010

I don't know. I'd like too but I think the computer did me in. That and I used to read at work all the time on break. Now I don't seem to be able to read longer than my breaks used to be. Some sort of training happening there.

You should get back into it Scoobs - helps keep your mind alert. You probably just need a good story and some peace and quiet (that might be the tricky part!) and it will all come back into gear for you.

I used to read a lot more. I don't really have the focus anymore for some reason. I do miss it.