How I Spent Most Of My Childhood.

I can personally say I have read libraries of information. From the romantic to the statistical information on the census. I love to read. That is why I do not have cable. The channels I get are sufficient enough and so is the internet. For those of you who love reading. Read everything you possibly can. I have recently seen my local libraries practically giving away old books to put in trashy new ones that a monkey could read. It's quite sad really.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

You are quite the reader. As a child, I would retreat into the bedroom (it wasn't mine alone, I shared it with 3 sister--we had a full size bed and would sleep on it the wrong way to fit all of us in) as the house was chaotic at times. I would become mesmerized and actually slip into another realm of being. My Mother would shout for me and shout, and I never heard her. She would have to come into the room and shake me. I loved reading. What an adventure. I read everything, including cereal boxes. I don't read as much anymore but will do more when I am finished with what will prove to be a difficult divorce. When I was small, I would read the Little House on the Prairie books, and was sadly disappointed by the TV series.