"I Wonder How Could U Read That Thick Book?"

My friends often call me bookworm because of my habit.I would forget everything,even my favorite hot chocs when I began to read a book which is interesting.I think if I was given a chance to live in a library,I would spend my whole life to read all the books in that library.By the day I died,I might know every book by heart.
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The thicker they are, the better I like them.

When ppl ask me that question, I say " Well that's what drew me to the boom un the first place, because it's thick."

I'm typing this post while reading a book

Me too! I love to read and easily can read a book a day. I will start a book and not stop until I finish it. I would rather read a book then go see a movie ba<x>sed on the book. That way I get to cast the roles and imagine it without any interference from Hollywood.. Sometimes I think I read so much because I do not have any friends and the characters in the book become my friends. In addition, getting involved in a book allows me an escape from a life that did not turn out like I had hoped.

I'm addicted to books! I'd pass my sleeping time just to finish a book.

books bring us every where.they open our minds,tickle our senses,teach us while telling us others stories.books can heal ones broken sprit and take you to so many place. nothing is off limits in the world of books!!! so read on and travel in the world of words!!

i know that feeling..caska..especially when that book is very interesting and yet belong to others!

Don't you hate it when you are reading a super long book- and you HAVE to sleep??... i keep telling myself just till the next chapter and before i know it, it's dawn!

oooohhh!!!!!! loooove booooks!!!! I am a crazy reader. once i get into a book, everyone better leave me alone till it's done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a series of books I started reading as a kud, and did not finish until last Aprol. (always read beyond the other kids level when I was younger). Anyway on the day the book came out, all I wanted to do was just finish the series! What do you know, my rienda kept coming over, and so instead I'd just getting to finish the series, it took even longer! At least now I can say I finally finished the damn*d series!