Book Lover

I could still remember myself sitting on a couch in our house holding a book and reading it from morning til' afternoon. Those were the days I had really fun in reading. That was way back in high school.

Before I was quite skeptic about my classmate finishing a book in just one sitting not when I found myself doing it too.

That's true that we might not know it until we ourselves have been spotted on that situation.

I could still remember how the family would have our yearly vacation trip and they will find me reading a novel book in the corner. They tried scolding me for not enjoying the day, but too much of my dismay they were the one who will not let me enjoy. They don't know how I cannot live without reading.

My father tells me that whenever I get hold of a book, they can't have time to talk to me. I am so busy. I don't even want to be disturbed.

Reading is my life, and I love people who can understand me for my passion :)

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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

I am sorry. It's posting me as a diffrent user Me, and it's me (WinterNi ghtsMoon).
I am sorry Me. I can't help what my Computer or pehaps Ep Blog is doing.

I know what you mean, I love reading on especially rainy / stormy days and nights especially I guess I watch to many of the old 1930's and 1940's movies where people read at night, crazy right?
I love many diffrent kinds of books, um... children's, fairy tales, romance (my favorite)
teen horror, animals, nature, biographies, mysteries, states, countries and history.
What kind Vintage 1 and all of you Ep's readers enjoy reading?