I Would Say My Taste Is Eclectic.

I don't usually agree with the masses. I hate Dan Brown and Stephanie Meyer. I definitely didn't pick up a copy of fifty shades of who cares, and this may be sacrilege, but I couldn't get through the hobbit movie or book. (Go ahead and pull my geek card.)

I have read a few thousand books and I've learned to spot what I'll like by cover, writer, summary, and theme. I usually read a paragraph from somewhere in the book to see if I can deal with the writing style. I love reading a series. My only problem is that I read too quickly and burn through all my favorites.

That being said I love science fiction and fantasy. I read about dragons, elves, wizards, scientists, spacemen, quests, adventures, etc. I love biographical satire. I have read all the Tucker Max books. Every now and again, I read a corny romance, and I have definitely read my share of erotica. I have read books on religions, art, philosophy, yoga, body language, gardening, cooking, and history.

I prefer my facts with a story line. No dry treatise for me please. Someday, if I can bring myself to straighten out my grammar, I might attempt to become a writer as well.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Jim butcher fan? Or lee child? Maybe roger Zelanzy? Harry Harrison? E E 'Doc' Smith? Catherine Coulter? John Sandford?

I've read nearly all of Catherine Coulter and a lot of John Sanford. I would read Jim Butcher and should probably at give soylent a go.

Butcher's been described as Buffy meets Phillip Marlowe. Lol. Pretty apt I think. Harrison's Stainless steel rat and smith's lensman series are hard to find but excellent. Smith is to Star Wars as the Nimitz is to old ironsides