I cherish books, even though I know that it's fake....... I still cry,laugh, or get angry!!! My favorite book is Debbie mc colber's
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Oh I love books. It's better with a good company

Yud probably be done after I get done reading the first word!!!

Haha what do you mean by that? *giggles

Yu appear to be much more speedier than me!!!!

Oh I recognise that! That's sarcasm! Lol

To funny!!!

No,you're hilarious!

U know big words I luv language have yu ever heard some of these words n wondered!!!

The bigger the words,the deeper the man is. Oh yes,always! It's not that I don't like simple things,I do,it's just that I prefer articulate.

I love a learned man !!! I also love a man who is learned to get down n grubby sometimes!!!


Do u think I am not hurt I am because I lost another friend today!!!

You lost a friend?


I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. You didn't loose me


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