Add a Large Mug of Hot Chocolate...& I'm Yours

 It's Winter down under, and my favourite part of winter is curling up with the latest Tom Clancy or Jeffrey Archer novel.

I add a large mug of hot chocolate and several muffins....

Take the phone off the hook, lock the front door, draw the curtains...can't stand interuptions !

I'm in heaven then !


c8lorraine c8lorraine
8 Responses Jun 15, 2009

i love archer and clancy.

love your story! been wanting to do some relaxing. and this is the perfect way to do it! :D

My favorite part of this story was the 'SEVERAL muffins' Thanks for sharing this fun post with us. It's summer here in California and your story made me look forward to winter.

Book & large jug of freshly squeezed juice....relax, nice !

I'm sorry Mzdivine...I would trade anything not to loose my sight, I have to be able to read.<br />
hugsss<br />

I wish my eyes would let me! <br />
<br />
My love is reading! I could,in another life,read a 700page <br />
<br />
book in a couple of days!...Now it takes so much longer!

Oh my gosh muffins AND hot chocolate?? You are dead on :]<br />
Add a great.<br />
I agree with both of you. I lose myself in books so much, and I get so attached to the characters!

Oh I am sooooo there my fellow traveller on this journey