MMM Delicious

I love a supreme pizza loaded with extra cheese on a thick crust, fresh from the oven, and piping hot.  You know, the kind that threatens to burn the roof of your mouth but you can't avoid picking it up for a bite anyway.  MMM give me a few I need to call the Pizza delivery guy because I made myself hungry.

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22 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I'd share cept I ate it all!!!!!!! Man I got to get on that stairmastrer before the amber waves of grain set in. HoooooBoooooy!!!!

Crafting...Sounds like you found a nice pizza combo; Do you happen to have a piece left of yours? LOL. Or, I could just make us one right now, to share! Cravin it...ha-ha

My wife and I have the original recipe for pizza hut's sauce and doe. Trouble is it makes 300 pizzas.

Fg ...... one of the many positives of two having teenage sons Jnr1 (19) at collage ........ part time job at Dominos pizza ..... need i say more ......<br />
<br />
Chicken wing with barbecue sauce anyone ..... ?<br />
<br />
<br />
Jnr2 (14) Cake sales chaps doors sell cakes /cookies raise funds for his soccer team ........<br />
<br />
M ... carrot cake anyone ......<br />

fg, did someone put out pixelita's eyes?

MMM bacon.... I am in.

Last week a friend of mine made an awesome pizza with salami, asiago cheese, and bacon. I thought Id go into a cardiac arrest. MMMMMM it was delish!!!!!

Affectioncraver that pizza sounds sooooo good, I could take a bath in it. MMMMMMMMMMMMM Now I am hungry again and it's not even dinner time.

erin... I would absolutely love to make a nice flavorful pizza for lunch, or dinner for you. LOL. My stomach starts to growl every time I get to making one or two. De~Lish!!! Homemade is always the best! Anytime you want one, just head east, and follow the aroma. :P

ohh my gosh <br />
thats making me so freaking hungry affectioncraver<br />
lunch isn't for an other hour but man .... yum<br />
you want to come over and make me a pizza :P

Crafting....When I make home made pizza, I use a nice olive oil and parmesan cheese mixture blended into the crust, for starters. Then I make home made sauce, with Spicy Italian sausage, ground beef and ground turkey minced up together and add the tomato paste and tomato sauce base, then add a bit of enduie sausage to bring the flavor out. Then the freshest toppings, but not so many on top, that the pie is top heavy afterwards. Anybody else got some great pizza recipe's?

I just love pizza. It is one of my comfort foods. Yes, if it weren't fattening i would indulge many times a week. YUMMMMMMM. I can't get enough thin crust. Then there's deep dish, Sicilian, thick crust. Lead me to the Pizza.......<br />
I can smell it already. Let's go to the pizza parlor!

What have I started?????? MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Now I am hungry!!!! Gonna go make some artichoke and parmesan pizza!!!!<br />
Hey, any of you guys got any good recipes for pizza??????

maybe so mewold but I'm not sure I could keep my eyes off you........................SOMBODY PUT MY EYES OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixelita, if I had a butt like yours, I would look really funny. LOL

yumm pizza i could eat it anytime!!

lol I don't drink much, but pizza,ummmmmmmmm......

I don't think the problem is the pizza, it's the beer I drink with it :-)~

Why would you not eat pizza all the time if it made me fat?<br />
Does that mean you care for me???<br />
You want me don't you???<br />
You know you do............... smiles

Sounds good, fatty.

I LOVE pizza! I would absolutely eat this every day if my but would still fit in my jeans ... :)

MMMM I could eat it cowboy style.