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I Really Would...

I was once asked the question "you could choose to save someone else or yourself, which would it be?" and everyone around began asking questions like "well how old are they? are they murderers or decent people?" etc.
I found that I didn't wonder any of these things...I would do it no matter what.
My mom always told me that I was TOO self-less, an while I disagree with her on most parts, i agree when it comes to saving a life. It could be a cold blooded murderer and I wouldnt allow them to die in my place if I had the choice. I would save them.
It may be because part of me doesn't care if I die. I wouldn't kill myself--i have a daughter to look after--but if there was a way i could die without having guilt or have my family look down on me, i would probably do it. and this would be the perfect way; they'd hopefully see me as somewhat of a good guy (not necessarily a hero, thats cliche) and understand why i was gone.
i dont blame people for choosing themselves over certain people...
but my brother was asking me questions and it brought one of my own up...
Tell me, if it were YOU about to die, would you want them to save you?
i would.
StrippedxPride487 StrippedxPride487 18-21, M 4 Responses May 8, 2011

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youre WOULD be the right thing to do. no matter what. and imagine it being a little boy or something.

Nobody knows you better than yourself, and if you believe that the person you're saving has a chance at a better life, saving them is the right thing to do... In my opinion, anyway.


I would, just to feel loved...