More Precisely

I would be willing to risk my life to attempt to save someone else. If some all-powerful being walked up to me and offered a trade - my life for someone else's - I'd probably just laugh. It seems silly to look at it this way, at least to me. However, if there were some situation in which someone I cared fore were in danger and I had the option of trying to save them and had to put myself in danger to do it, I probably wouldn't think twice.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Hats off.. Not everybody thinks like you
on the other hand, it will be really stupid of you to do so if you have somone who care about you
Think twice about this too

Thing is, I can't know how anyone feels better than I know how I feel. Thus, it makes the most sense for me to act on my own feelings and trust in my own strength. After all, there is always the chance that I will be able to save both of us.

If there is someone who cares about me, then it is up to them to determine whether they are willing to help and, if not, then all I can do is hope they are strong enough to live without me should something happen.