Have Always Thought

to give your life for someone that you love to save your life is the biggest act of love that you could do.

I think that those who don't support our troops, police, firemen, should not be allowed to enjoy the freedoms that they have.

Now I know that several people are going to say "The police are crooked.", "The troops are fighting for the people in Washington" or what ever.

My statement to those are, I have relatives that are in the police force, they are not crooked or 'on the take'.  They are honorable people and keep the others that are looking to trick my kids into molesting, drugs, drinking, prostitution, or threatening my wife because she is doing her job.

Firemen that get harmed for saving others, why doesn't everybody have that bravery?

Our troops, I have stated several times that I am thankful to them for the job that not all of us can do which is making our country safe from the loonies out there that just want to kill you for being from a country.  That is like killing someone just cause they have a different color eyes. 

I hope that I don't have to give my life but if I am called to protect my wife or kids with my life I will gladly offer it up.


mtvlm mtvlm
41-45, M
Mar 22, 2009