This Is An Interesting Idea, Giving Up One's Life, What About...

Would you really?  I think no one really knows what they will do until they are really faced with a real situation where they may become a substitute for death. 

Here is the the real butt-clencher for me, though.  What do you mean by life?  Do you mean, die, as in a moment, as in taking a bullet for someone?

Or do you mean die, as in over a long period, to keep someone from hurting himself, to educate the (possibly) doomed?

I would wager most people would not even consider the extended-death option in order to help someone else.  I know the list of people for whom I would even consider doing that is rather short.  I have no idea whether I would or not.  I hope I never have to find out.

TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Reminds me of a story that just happened here in Wi. A young boy had fallen in through the ice on a river that has current. An elder women was his only hope. She tried to reach him with some tow straps she had. But unfortunatly they did not reach him. And then he was gone. The current had taken him under the ice.<br />
Such a sad story! I can honestly say that if I'd been there......I would not have hesitated to go in after him!