Thinking Upon It.

At my current situation in life, I most definately would sacrifice my life for another, be it stranger, friend, or family.

If I get married, start a family, and/or have a nobel goal that will save more than one life or make living conditions much better for many, I think I would decline to save one life. If I can help humanity as a whole much better than saving one person, I would choose my life over theirs to help humanity.

At the moment, I'm neither married, have a family, nor have a nobel goal for the betterment of humanity. Therefore I would give up my life for a stranger, friend, or family member.

theredheadedgentleman theredheadedgentleman
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

You are so selfless and sound like an all around amazing person. One day you will find someone just as wonderful as you and fulfill each others lives:) aww you're such a sweetheart! Make a list of your top ten favorite things and then set a goal for yourself! Then you'll find some one with the same goals and maybe even meet your intellectual equal! You're awesome:) go find that special someone! Your life is valuable and you just made my night! Do everything you want to make goals reach them and everything will fall into place! Happiness is a journey not a destination! Nothing and no one are stopping you from having everything you ever wanted, even if you don't now what that is yet;) be that person!