If Only I Could Turn Back Time

If only i could turn back time where i can bring back the life of my friend that just end and not finding her lost daughter. For not even once she glanced her baby girl after she have gave birth to her. Until the day she dies she's still looking for her daughter 28 years ago now. In the country of PHILIPPINES on its NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION ,MANILA.
I got all the investigation services through this country but unfortunately we don't have any information about her. we have followed/spying some and  somehow i may find her here.
mrfinderkeeper mrfinderkeeper
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I pray you find her, you have certainly tried. It takes a whole lot of love from someone to give time, money and energy.... i am thankful that such peopke still exists.. prayer to you. family and friends... pray that where ever she is, GOD will cover and keep her safe and maybe one day, she too will search for her family. I hope you , family and friends much peace, thoughout your journey. ...

I'm just curios. Did you find here already?