I Wonder

If I could go back in time would I be able to right the wrongs of the past? Could I make a difference in more peoples' lives? Would I be able to make these changes without impacting the present? I wonder.
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If you went back in time and changed something it could change so much today that maybe you would not even be here. It is kinda like the movie about an American carrier is transported back to Dec. 1941 and they were near Pearl Harbor. With all the technology they had they could have destroyed the entire Japanese fleet ....what then.

if u did go back in time, its probable that u will have shifted the present, in effect creating a new, alternate reality! :D

I am getting older too but some say certain parts of me are getting better lol.

Sure you would be able to right some wrongs and make difference in more peoples lives... But you'd probably do some other wrongs in making former wrongs right and you make difference in a negative way to a few people...<br />
In the end, you'd end up at the same exact point: on a social website asking if going back in time would enable you to alter things... : )

Time travel is a difficult subject to talk about as its is all speculation. But if you could go back and change things without any reprocations to the time line then sure I would do it. I dont believe in the butterfly effect or ripple effect. Changing one things changes more people that you realize. To go back and help one person with change the lives of everyone that person came in contact with. Trust me I have thought about this for a long time I love time travel movie like BTTF, Terminator, and other movies where time travel and the effects it has on the world.