Sometimes I feel really nostalgic for the past, mostly relationships.  Whenever I pass by a place I went to with someone special I wish I could live that again.  I even traveled to the city where I had so many great times, trying to go back in time and even meeting my ex boyfriend.  But things change, people change, feelings change.  I tried so hard to make it like it was 2003 again but the reality was another.

I would go back in time with the little wisdom I've acquired through these years.  If I knew many things I know now, I guess I would act differently.  I would speak up but also shut my mouth.  I would dare to do many things I was afraid of.  I would say yes more often.  But I would also be more careful.  I guess I would be less romantic knowing that life isn't always as we think. 
shitsuren shitsuren
26-30, F
Apr 11, 2007