I Wouldn't Go Back, Even Though I Want to

 Mainly to be able to say the things i wish I'd said to the people I love and are gone. My dearest dad & my grandparents who have all passed, friends I let drift away.

If you go back and change things, you learn nothing. 

And at what point is the past then made perfect?

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I like that AA- make a whole new mistake instead :0).<br />
....'Heroes' the TV series is dealing with that concept really well.<br />
I LOVE that show- might have to start a separate discussion on that point alone.......

I agree.<br />
<br />
And with my luck, if I could time travel and redo days that seemed all wrong or things I stuffed up I would just make some whole new unimagined mistake! So yes, at NO point would things be perfect!