I'm 61 yr old m I'm a cutter can u help me
skyboy4545 skyboy4545
61-65, M
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Suck ***** and get ducked.


Heyyyyy. Don't do that with you body. Cutting won't help to take sadness away, my dear. Trust me. =(

What will

Well, I always I try to don't think (or do) this kind of thing. Maybe get out for while, take a coffee. Don't let the sadness tell you what to do. You're more than this.

I'm lost

No, you're not. There's no creature in this world so lost that couldn't be found.

I'm so cut up now I can't b found

So I can't be found either.

God if u r there help us

Yeah, please.

He's not there for me

Don't say that.

Y I'm sitting here all cut up where is he

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