My best mate has just ditched me for a girl friend. I can't cope with that. We spent all of our time together and now I'm starting to hate him.
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It's not that I'm jealous, more to do with the way he went about it all.

Well lay it on us. How did he hurt you?

Lying about thing and using reverse psychology by way of coursing arguments and saying hurtful thing. Then twisting it to say it was me. I think you can get the idea like.

To me doesn't sound like you lost a friend but at this point a total ***.

He can be a bit of an arse. One things for sure. When his gf sees how much of a *** he can be, I won't be there for him.

and you shouldn't find a new friend or friends to hang out with and remember it's not bad to be alone

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I don't mean to be rude but maybe you love him and just didn't know it. This is not the first time I have heard this and that turned out to be the case. Look into your feelings dude you may find the answers

I don't think he's being gay... O_O he just has a best friend lol

I get that but as a straight woman aiming to become a gay advocate. This is not the first time I've saw this to be the case

It sucks when anyone chooses someone else over you :) I feel you brother . I've had people do similar /worst to me. Sometimes family. But instead of hating him , be happy that his found someone that he can spend time with , someone that he can build a future with , and pray for them. God bless you man ! I hope you feel better soon

If he has a girlfriend then he's going to spend time with her, don't be jealous :/ it's alright yo