I have always been one to not succeed in school, not because I'm dumb, but because the teachers never trust me or don't understand me. I wish I could go back to change things and show them that I am a better person than that. That they are the fools
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Because I want to show them that I am better than them, and I am a different person than what they set me out as to be... Idk it's not just that but also I want to see myself when I was a kid again. I want to remember the happy moments more than the bad and the ugly

If you could go back in school and do it over again you would not be a victim of your teachers who had no personal thing against you, you were just another one of their students to them. What you would do differently is make sure that you followed their instructions and did what their class rules required of you. You would have passed and been successful, in most cases. It's easy to blame others for our failures. It's hard to take responsibility ourselves for them.

But I did take responsibility, I was a success in elementary and I did follow their rules, they hated me because I was always trying to be myself but apparently u can't do that in life anymore, especially in this case... :/