i would've said yes to him and become his girlfriend way back in highschool.

I once have this awesome best guy friend who liked me way back when and we would always hang out after classes in the afternoon. running around, him teaching me some cool martial arts move and then he would purposely get beat up by me until the sunsets over the horizon. or sometimes we would just chill and sit on the topmost step of the staircase of the highest floor of my school and just talk until the janitor sees us and yell at us to go home already. i miss those days. even though he was constantly asking me out but i kept on shooting him down.

but after we got into our own separate colleges we just drifted apart somehow. all i know is he already got a girlfriend and he's studying criminology to become a cop like his dad. i still see him on facebook but whenever i greet him in any form or manner he just ignores me. i know it must've looked like i've been playing with his feelings back in highschool but i seriously miss my best friend.
Ryel004F Ryel004F
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From your track record, he's tired of the rejection and not ready for anymore since he found someone who doesn't play with his affections. You need to move on. Sorry to be so blunt but some feelings learned over a long continuous period cannot be fixed.

yeah i got that part. i don't really want to pursue any romantic relationships with him to be honest but i just miss him as a best friend.