Anyone able to listen and give relationship advice to a guy who loved deeply but didn't show it because he wasn't happy with himself so he didn't know how to show it and 5 years of pain and misery she finally forced herself to leave.
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I'm in the same boat. Amazing guy, best friend and soulmate but I was too scared to show him who I was and now he has moved on. I realize now though that I need to learn how to accept myself for who I am and try to improve on myself, work on living and enjoying the present, and being grateful for all the good he brought into my life and try not to feel sad about what happened to us. Give the both of you some time if the pain is still too raw, and when you are able to distance yourself from it and see a little clearer, try sending her a no strings attached genuinely sincere apology and thank you letter. It may not get her back, but it will be good for your soul and I'm sure she will appreciate it as well.

Yeah. That is very good advice