The Reason Why

well the reason for this is i am cut off from my aunty fiona we use to have long talks up late im talking 3,4,5 or evan 6 in the morning we could just talk about any thing wich was a really difrent thing for me because the most of my family dont know how i work i just cant talk to them so i relide on fortknightly visets to see her i know its harsh but ist the only reason i went to my fathers. i shouldent have become so attached we useta do alll kindsa things together like draw, right, read starsines, or even just have a cuppa and chat we all ways did this because dad never spent time with me he just dumped me off an got drunk then he would come back and threaten to kill me yeah thats hard and alll but true i wish i could go back in time to fix that to but its neva ganna happen yeah welll my aunty and i arnt aloud to talk to each other any more because people said i put crazy thoughts into her head and hence the reason she went to hospital i never did that they were never crazy just because it was about angels and spiritual stuff and they never understood me or her so that was onother thing we spoke about i realy wanna see her again but how? and when?


Rebirth Rebirth
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2007