The only reason I'd have to travel into the past would be so I could win the lottery.  Seriously.  I have no interest in righting mine or anyone else's wrongs.  I don't want to change any piece of my history.  "A man is the sum of his experiences".  I agree.  We can't win everything and we have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.  If we don't make them at that particular point then you bet that we'll probably make them in the future because without that failure or mistake we are exactly the same person.  I wouldn't try to do anything heroic like save Caesar or kill Hitler.  History ran it's course for a reason.  It's not up to me to question what reason for the answer would be something bigger than I could understand anyway.  And the same goes for my life's course.  I'm sure I could probably go back and make a few adjustments to have myself in a better job, better house, with a better person but what would I have to sacrifice along the way?  Everything is give and take, back and forth, yin to the yang.  If I alter something for the better, what would I have had to give up?  A best friend?  A family member?  Maybe myself... 

theophania theophania
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2007